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P-400 Hobbing Machine

Conventional and 3-Axis Hobbing machines are converted into 5-Axis machines. All original strokes of various axes are maintained as it is. All the linear axes movements are through Ball screws of higher accuracy grade. Bush spindle is converted into Bearing spindle. If needed, complete Hob Head can be modified. Table speed can be doubled also if needed. Swivelling axis can get automated on certain machines. Counter Hob Support assembly is also of bearing type rather than bush type.

Fixture and toolings, Hob Arbors, Hydraulic Clamping Base (Upper Part), Revolving Center, Chip Breaking unit along with machine Guarding ( Cladding) can be provided on machines as per requirement. For better accuracy, Linear Scale is provided for Radial (X) axis.

Other than this, machines are also partially reconditioned and electrically retrofitted.