Hydraulic Upper Part

Hydraulic Upper Part is an elusive product developed by ARK for clamping of job hydraulically, which ensures better rigidity. Hydraulic Upper Part is mounted on the table top, upon which the job clamping fixture is mounted. A hydraulically operated piston in the upper part assembly moves the draw bar up and down to unclamp and clamp the jobs.

The difficulty and inconvenience in maintenance of conventional Lower Part, which used to be mounted below the work table, sparked the idea of Upper Part and ARK came up with such a revolutionary solution.

Counter Bearing

Counter Bearing is an exclusively developed ARK product for Hob support, which is highly accurate, reliable and easy to mount. Bearings are used instead of Bush for support in this counter bearing.

ARK has a vast experience in designing, manufacturing and assembly of counter bearings. ARK has enough experience in reconditioning of old counter bearings too.

Adaptor Plate

Adaptor Plate is an accessory of Upper Part developed by ARK , which is nothing but a round plate with a number of different holes at different PCD’s as required, which allows to process various jobs on the same machine only by changing the Upper Part.

Adaptor plate is mounted between the table and Hydraulic upper part, when needed.

Complete HOB Head Assembly

An exclusive ARK product consisting spindle rotation along with integrated hob shifting arrangement.

A new design for assembly and casting bracket is developed by ARK. Tangential and Spindle drive motors are mounted on this bracket. The positions of motors are subjected to machine constraints. ARK has mastered the skill to develop such kind of integrated brackets.


Fixture design and manufacturing may be considered as one of the fortes of ARK. Fixtures designed by ARK can be used with upper part as well as lower part and are hydraulically operated, which ensures the better rigidity and accuracy.

Revolving Center

ARK has developed its own design for manufacturing and assembly of revolving center, which is one of the flagship products of ARK.